Saturday, January 29, 2011

Erie's "first' Haunted House

The first colonists to Erie Pennsylvania arrived in the mid 18th Century, building a small town adjacent to the newly constructed French Fort Presque Isle. With wars and migrations soon to follow, English settlers would also arrive in the area by the end of that century and build a permanent settlement.

Since the time of those first settlers Erie’s history has been awash with folklore tales of mysterious places where the paranormal seems to manifest itself quite frequently. Be it cursed Indian burial grounds or old dwellings where spectral apparitions of the past startle the present owners; Erie has a rich history of unexplained phenomena.

However, it was not until the late 19th century did one of these locations rise to prominence in the imagination of the local populace to a point where it would become infamous. It was in name if not in fact Erie’s first haunted house. And few today have ever heard of it, since it was long ago lost to popular memory for those who encountered its horrors have long turned to dust. This lost Erie legend is the old Crowley Mansion of Lawrence Park.

The house was located on the west side of Walbridge Road, less than a hundred yards south of East Lake Road. It was built by a member of East Erie’s first pioneer families, the Crowleys. The Crowley family very were wealthy and owned considerable property and built the brick mansion as their family homestead. Beautifully manicured, the grounds of the mansion boasted a diverse orchard and lush gardens...

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Invasion of the Green Slime

Something strange is happening in Snyder, New York.

Between 9am and Midnight on Tuesday January 18th 2011 a strange substance fell from the sky causing icicles to turn yellow, green and brown. The obvious answer would be discharge from an airplane flying overhead but the FAA insists there were no craft in the area at the time. Here is the video from the local ABC affiliate:

So what then caused this green slime invasion?
Is it toxic?
Does this have any connection to the mass dying of wild animals we have seen in the last few months?

Is it an attack from....who?

Or is the Earth going through a stage of cleansing and renewal like which we have never seen before?

Perhaps it is like some naturists claim, nothing but bird poo from eating too much McDonalds fries.

I could relate to that.

But if you have ever been at a Mcdonalds you know that birds eating left over fries and such is nothing new.

But this green slime invasion is new indeed.

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Until Next Time,
Pastor Swope

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Happened to this Blog?

Dear Friends,

Sorry for leaving the blog empty so long without explaining what was happening.

I have been experiencing a lot of illness lately and recently found I am Diabetic.

Unfortunately there has been complications that led to a lengthy hospital stay.

Fortunately my illness (acute Cellulitus) led to the discovery that my kidneys were failing and I have the start of congestive heart failure. While having my leg virtually torn apart was tough, at least they caught these illnesses before they became fatal.

Right now I am recuperating, it is hard to write while under the influence of so many medications, but I am doing research and attempting to write and rewrite some stories.

New stories should be coming soon, but they will come out slowly at the start. (Unless something awesome comes my way during my rehabilitation!). I am also finally finishing my Masters of Divinity (2 courses to go) after a 20 year hiatus from academia so the next months shall be chalenging.

Just to let you know I have not given up on the blog or my Examiner site, and a new book should be out around Halloween as well.

I would appreciate your prayers no matter what your faith. God has been very good and close to me, and I have the best church family in the known multiverse.

Thanks for hanging with me. Look to my Examiner poage within the next week for a cryptid story from Erie County PA.

Blessings and Until Next Time,

Pastor Swope
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