Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The UFO Flap Over Bucks County, Pennsylvania

It seems like regional UFO flaps are all over the place recently. While many times when Unidentified Flying Objects make recurring appearances it is over remote or third world areas, recently there they seem to be picking out highly populated cities to visit.

Take the massive amount of sightings over the United Kingdom for example. While many skeptics would as explanation point to the ordinary like wedding balloons or just plain ordinary aircraft, the sightings continue to remain unexplained.

I have always thought that in order to have a UFO flap people just have to be looking to the skies and watching. Like most of the unexplained all you have to do is just take notice of what is happening around you. I remember in the 80s during the Hudson river flap I saw a triangular formation of UFOs fly over the Hudson very close to the Tappan Zee Bridge. I stood there amazed and pointed it out to other students walking by and they just looked at it, shrugged and walked away. I knew what I was seeing was not normal though, since I grew up practically in the runway of an International Airport. They were not planes. They were silent and did not have the lighting pattern of any aircraft that I knew of.

As many of you know we have been having a flap of sorts here on the East Coast of The United States as well.

There have been a lot of reports of UFOs over Bucks County Pennsylvania. The buzz started hitting the national news earlier this month with reports of sightings that happened months ago. The local news has of course jumped on these sightings in order to ridicule them:

If you are a UFO aficionado and the only information you relied upon was the ‘reporting’ of the conventional media you would think that there were only 4 sightings in this latest flap. However upon investigating the MUFON cases you find that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a chronology of the reported sightings in Bucks County this year according to the MUFON case management system, you can find the full reports there:

1) January 27th. Don Pablo’s Restaurant 2763 East Lincoln Highway, Lanhorne PA.

A 911 call from an anonymous source reports a craft being sighted hovering over the restaurant that looked like a huge octopus. Falls police officer Jeffery Omler was dispatched to investigate but he saw nothing to corroborate the report.

2) January 27th 11PM . Vermillion Hills Area

A pizza delivery man sights a craft flying over the tree line that had blinking red, green and white lights.

His report in brief:

It was around 11o clock on saturday night. I had just gotten done my delivery job at the local pizza shop. I pulled up on Dunbury Road, in Fairless Hills to pick up a friend of mine. As i pulled up to his house, pointed east, he got into my vehicle and something over the tree line of Vermillion hills woods caught our eye. It was a plane that was flying towards us that made us look, but the funny thing was, after we realized it was a plane flying next to a distant star we no longer had our sites set on the plane, it was the star that appeared to be blinking. Red, white and green lights. To see the rest of report go to MUFON, it includes photo evidence.

3) April 20th Evening. Falls Township

A woman sees an object hovering and moving in the sky after her dog rouses her in the night.

Her report in brief:


4) April 23rd Newtown

People attending a baseball game see an orange fireball falling out of the sky.

5) April 24th Target Parking Lot 2331 Lincoln Highway, Langhorne PA

Egg shaped UFO in a V-form flew over as the witness was out on his deck smoking a cigar. The craft was flying flat & straight. It stopped and did not twist or tilt and came straight down like an elevator. It stopped below the clouds for a second and flew off. The craft was a steady white light which was very bright.

6) Late May between I-95 and Route 332

Police Officer sees a black object shaped like a sideways comma that changed shape and flew without a sound.

7) June 6th. Unidentified location in Bucks County

Anonymous person sees disk fly out of clouds from apartment window.

8) June 20th. Oxford Valley Mall area

Person sees egg shaped object hovering over mall.

9) June 22nd. Unidentified location in Bucks County

Three people see bright star like object slowly move across sky

10) June 25th. Station Ave toward Bristol Pike

Witness observed a bright blue ball with a white tail streak across the sky.

11) June 25th 1AM . Unidentified location in Bucks County

Boomerang shaped object flying close to the ground with blue, white and green lights.

Report in brief:

On June 25th Between 1-130am i was on my front porch when i noticed a strange sound. sounded very similar to a passenger jet but not as low in tone and at a higher pitch. As i heard the sound i took a peak up in the sky and saw a boomerang shaped object fairly low to the ground roughly 1000ft off ground. it had white lights from the points of the boomerang spaced evenly to the middle of the boomerang and had a football shaped body with mirrored lights on both sides of the body with the back light being red the middle white and the last being green. It moved at a fairly slow pace. if you put your arm up at a 45 degree angle and move your arm right to left slowly for 1 second then from fingertip to fingertip it would have been 6 inches the boomerang shaped object moved. More at MUFON.

12) June 25th. Don Pablos sight on Lincoln Highway

Boomerang craft hovering over Restaurant.

13) June 29th. Levittown.

Witness at fair sees Orange light with white tail.

14) June 30th . Unidentified location in Bucks County.

Boomerang shaped vehicle sighted with red and white lights.

15) July 1st 9PM. Oxford Valley Mall.

Boomerang shaped vehicle with red and white lights.

16) July 2nd .Oxford Valley Mall.

Witness sees hovering lights over Mall.

17) July 2nd 9:50PM. I-95 between Bucks County and Philadelphia.

Reddish orange light is seen falling from the sky.

18) July 8th . Unidentified location in Bucks County.

Two orange lights of different size sighted in sky.

19) July 8th 4:10AM. Unidentified location in Bucks County.

Pink light with blue fog and three other bright lights sighted in air.

20) July 10th Unidentified location in Bucks County.

Strange object that emitted ‘fairy dust’ seen multiple times.

This is quite a flap. Various objects but many appear to be the same thing sighted at different times.

The funny thing is when I first started this blog last month before all these sightings became public, a close relative told me “Remind me to tell you about the time I saw the UFO earlier this year.” She lives in Bucks County.

In April (specific date unknown) she was sitting at a window enjoying the panoramic view of the Delaware River close to Trenton when a huge solid blue-green oval shaped object flew down the river at incredible speed. It was around 10:50PM. The night was clear and she had an unobstructed view. She is a rational person and has never seen anything like it before. She wants to remain anonymous but I have urged her to contact MUFON.

So make that 21 sightings.

We have a huge Boomerang shaped object with lights that approximate an aircraft of some type. An unknown aircraft, to be sure . This seems to generally appear over the Oxford Valley Mall. MUFON received an interesting letter claiming that there has been suspicious airplane activity over the Mall for quite some time.

Next we have fast moving orange lights with white tails that look like comets falling from the sky at regular intervals.

Finally large blue or blue-green glowing craft that can hover or burn up the sky with incredible speed.

So what is happening? Is the military using experimental craft? I would bet the boomerang shaped vehicles have human occupants. There are 4 army installations in the area and 4 Navy so it would be a logical assumption these are some type of unknown military craft. But what are they doing?

And what about the other objects? The fast moving illuminated bluish vehicles? Do they have human occupants? Nothing like we have ever seen put forth from any aircraft contractors, that is for sure.

Then there is the reddish orange white tailed objects that are streaking across the sky or making sounds that are interpreted as crashing. To me they sound like projectiles of some sort.


Landing vehicles ala “War of the Worlds”?

Perhaps there is more going on over the skies of Bucks County than we know.

Has the military been prepared for some kind of encounter over Bucks County in the last few years, and is that why the sighting of unusual aircraft activity over the Oxford Valley Mall been so frequent? If so, how did they know?

Has the military rolled out one of its top secret aircraft over Bucks County to interact or intercept these other vehicles from beyond? Given the dense population of the area there would have to be a pressing reason for the use of such covert vehicles out in the open where hundred of thousands could spot them.

If this hypothesis is true, it sounds like an act of desperation on the military’s part.

And it sounds a little scary.

Perhaps we are better off not knowing.

Until next time,

Pastor Swope


cryptidsrus said...

You know, I happen to agree with you, Pastor. Although don't tell that to Stanton Friedman, MUFON, UFO magazine or all the rest of the "disclosure" people out there.

I have to wonder---do we really want to "know?." And IF we do, are we really for the consequences of knowing that truth?

Of course, most cheerleaders for disclosure (whether the aforementioned crowd or simply the average "Coast to Coast" listener)---would say-"We can handle it. And if we totally cannot, it will not be as bad as people think it will be. So be it. A little social fabric disruption is worth knowing the truth. The price for living a lie"
The question is---are we really ready to deal with that "social disruption?"

What if it turns out to be more than just a little "disruption?" What if the "truth" disrupts the very fabric of our society and civilization?

What if this would make The Matrix seem like a juvenile exercise in fancy?

What if also the "truth" would involve dealing with people's livelihoods and standards of living and/or reputations? What if that would disrupt those people's realities?
What if they do not wish that to happen? The "truth" would involve (probably) change---what if people don't want that?

The evidence suggests the government has covered up and will continue to cover up UFO-related phenomena for what they consider "national security purposes." What if disclosure would bring to light the utter rankness and corruption of our Republic to light? And what if our government does not want that to come to light?

Thousands of things happen (a lot of them not very nice) every day that lie hidden in darkness to this day that the American public has no inkling about. Are we willing to countenance the fact if some of those things were pushed up to the surface it would make us realize we've been leading a massive lie?
Are we ready to handle that?

I'm not saying we shouldn't have disclosure. I'm just saying that when we say "the truth shall set you free," let's not forget that truth can also be painful and life-changing and that in order to have a new world we would need to destroy the old world. People would suffer. Die. Countries would be destroyed or change. A purification, so to speak.

Maybe it's inevitable. But we need to have our eyes open during this time. And call a spade a spade and not complain when it doesn't turn out the way we hoped. Hate to sound like "Apocalypse St. John," but that's the way it is.

This reminds me of King Lear:
"Is this the promised end?/
Or the image of that horror?"

Or even Charles Fort:
"I have suspicion we're all property." Are we ready for that?

So yes, I agree with you, Swope. Good post.
I probably would not tell a soul either if I saw one.
Don't want FOX NEWS to mock me or MIBs/the government to harass me.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks Cryptidsrus,

Good comment as always. I agree with you that there probably is some greater secret than we could possibly imagine with the UFO phenomena and the Governments involvement with it.

However I would like to know what it is. A lot of people must have some idea for there to be so massive a cover up. I think the world would be more than ready if it is aliens. I think they have been ready for decades, so it points to something else.

sigeweald said...

Why do folks assume "the government" is some wise and all-knowing entity who looks after everyone's best interests and therefore mustn't panic the commoners by telling the truth? It is more than obvious by its failures at home and its rabid empire building attempts abroad that it is more a maniacal cousin than any semblance of a sage and benevolent uncle. It is allegedly a "government of and for the people" - that being so, then the truth should be told and let the people decide for themselves what to make of it. Stanton Friedman is preferable anyday to some self-serving politician or smarmy, offficiously righteous bureaucrat. I don't need protection from the truth or the booger man - I don't believe in the latter and don't believe in any official's interpretation of the former.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the well thought out comment Sigeweald,

I am not one for trusting the Government by any means. I believe the truth should be told. I think as cryptidsrus said, it is an inevitability. For the Government to cover anything up it must have a reason though. I would of course suspect selfish reasons of power, and its desire not to share it. In whatever form Government as a system automatically craves power and control. No matter what its founding documents try to declare.

While I do not believe in the Boogey Man, I do believe in the paranormal and creatures that could far surpass our wildest horrors.

At what price truth? I think it is an question for the individual.

The blue pill or the red?

For me it depends on how far the rabbit hole goes. Of course you can never know beforehand. Myself I'd rather eat steak and believe it is steak rather than awaking to find a horror you can never return from.

But I still would like to wonder at the rabbit hole's depth.

cryptidsrus said...

I pretty much agree with Sigeweald.

I don't like the government anymore. I don't trust them. A plague on both parties, I say. I consider politics at this time in our evolutionary, global, and spiritual history to be but a "necessary evil," at best. The great, controversial Hindu guru and spiritual leader Osho summed it up in so many words or so--- politics are ultimately anti-spiritual growth.

I'm just saying that if we are ready to follow the path of searching all the way to the TRUTH, then we must be ready to accept the outcome of the what we find. Whatever the "truth" is, it is sure to change the world in one way or another---and some changes may not be to "everyone's cup of tea." But we can't then go back, change our minds and say---"We now wish we DIDN'T know." We must be ready to face the outcome. That is the truth.

I ALSO like Stanton Friedman.

Many people are theorizing (and I agree with them) that the government "is" telling us---very slowly and very subtly. They're "preparing" us. Witness the increase in Ufo sightings worldwide. Some in the media are beginning are to take this seriously. The prime exaample of that is Larry King. He always gets good ratings with his Ufo shows. Also, TLC, Discovery, and other channels are debuting paranormal and Ufo-type specials and series all the time. Ufo Hunters, MonsterQuest, and Paranormal State come to mind as shows that deal with "offbeat" phenomena.
So there is every reason to hope this will come out during our lifetime.

Pastor Swope said...


I have to "Amen" your comment.

I agree with you both.

I would love it if UFOs are extraterrestrials. And with so many claiming to have proof they are and in cooperation with the Government...

But still in the back of my mind there is a feeling that there is just something more to it.

cryptidsrus said...

There are many people (among them John Keel) who feel these are not really sightings "from outer space." They're supposedly "terrestrial" in origin---whether from underground bases or underwater places or even bases on the dark side of the Moon. And they're not newcomers---they've been with us since the beginning of history.

They may even have created us---they say.

Some of these people who've studied them even say these are not really totally "material," that is, they're partially non-corporeal, spiritual organisms who perform for humanity a sort of "rite of passage" that leads to spiritual truth. Whitley Strieber often talks about these things (whatever they are) causing us discomfort and pain in order to lead us to a higher level of existence and awareness.

So maybe that is what it is all about, Pastor. A global, quasi-Jungian "archetype"-type organism or organisms that have been with us from the beginning of time and are beyond reason and words and comprehension---all the while leading us in their own way to the "light."

So yes, there might be something to it.
I have a feeling 2012 may have something to do with it. Who knows. Good guess as any.

Bryony said...

To be honest i find this quite scary... but maybe that means i couldnt handle any change?
At the same time although im scared, it intrigues me.

DJ said...


Anthony Ferguson said...

Thanks Pastor, for a really interesting and thought provoking blog. Regarding UFO's in general, can I draw your attention to the outstanding work being done by Joe Jordan (a MUFON person and Christian) and others regarding the origin of UFO/Alien Abduction activity. Excellent and ground breaking research that shows what is behind all this phenomena:


There's also some very interesting and thought provoking books out there, both secular and Christian that give a good overview of the entire phenomena:

Jacues Vallee:

Hugh Ross:

I have no doubt that the boomerang UFO is either an unmanned aerial vehicle, or a manned stealth prototype fighter or bomber. Such designs are now being reported weekly in mag's like Aviation Week and Space Technology.

The other objects are not so clear cut. Orange lights with smoke are more likely meteors. However, red lights are very common in residual UFO observations, as is the feeling of fear and animals being afraid and are more "true" UFO observations.

As Christians we do need to take this subject seriously as there are some important things that we need to know regarding this whole phenomena. Namely the entire demonic nature of it all.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the Comment Anthony,

I've always been one to shy away from the UFO/Demonic connection. Just because logically there should be some sort of solid connection to demonic activity predominant in the majority of UFO cases if this were true.

I am not ruling it out though because we do not know what or who they are.

There is evidence that they are connected with paranormal phenomena in a lot of reports, but just because something is paranormal does not necessarily infer demonic. Creepy?..YES! Demonic? You need consistent verifiable evidence of a malevolent or destructive spirit.

sigeweald said...

I agree, in that things not understood are often quickly labeled demonic - cell phones, electronic music, television, would all have been so labeled not too far back in our past by our forefathers. (Of course, one might make an argument today that such technologies are works of the devil.) I am sure should I be abducted and examined invasively, I would be praying to God for such demons to set me free. I know of one UFO researcher who left the field altogether after having an epiphany as to what might underlie such phenomena - prior to this, he had proceeded from the viewpoint that abductions were all mental contructs of the subconscious. Fallen angels or nephilim? Yes, perhaps they are indeed - but without knowing more, we shouldn't convene any trials. Could it be the case that such alien beings could be much advanced technologically but ignorant of their spiritual nature, the missionaries not having made contact as yet?

sigeweald said...

I agree, in that things not understood are often quickly labeled demonic - cell phones, electronic music, television, would all have been so labeled not too far back in our past by our forefathers. (Of course, one might make an argument today that such technologies are works of the devil.) I am sure should I be abducted and examined invasively, I would be praying to God for such demons to set me free. I know of one UFO researcher who left the field altogether after having an epiphany as to what might underlie such phenomena - prior to this, he had proceeded from the viewpoint that abductions were all mental contructs of the subconscious. Fallen angels or nephilim? Yes, perhaps they are indeed - but without knowing more, we shouldn't convene any trials. Could it be the case that such alien beings could be much advanced technologically but ignorant of their spiritual nature, the missionaries not having made contact as yet?

Julie said...

Pastor Swope,

I understand your reluctance to make the UFO-demonic connection, but I would second the suggestion to check out Joe Jordan's work. Joe was not a Christian when he began investigating UFOs and abductions for MUFON, but what he discovered in his research turned him towards Christ. He is now working in deliverance and has successfully taught people how to stop abductions in process and for good, all through the power of Christ's name.

If there is one theme that I hear more and more frequently in discussions of UFOs, it is that of fallen angels and the Nephilim. And I am not hearing this theme exclusively from religious sources either. These conclusions are being drawn on evidence, not because of those who are quick to react and claim demonic activity in things that they feel go against the Bible. One must always use discernment when looking into these issues, but I would ask that you take a look at Jordan's site. I'm happy to recommend others to you as well, or point you to past discussions of them on the EERIE forum.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

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scrapdiva said...

On our way back home from Philly to central NJ this past Saturday night, my wife and I witnessed five glowing orange lights hovering over I-95 just south of Langhorne.

The pattern was not unlike the five dots on dice. As the appeared to be traveling south (towards us), the lights slowly began to fade out one by one. Definitely were not stars nor conventional aircraft. (Note: I can't rule out drone activity.)

dps92964 said...

Hi, i live in bucks county Levittown..I have taped some stuff over the past couple years, from 2012 on...latest was bout 2 weeks ago driving down route 13 close to golden eagle...I put them on YouTube...dps92964...weird typing this something just flew over, loud like a plane but different sound and from behind lights and shaped in v pattern...w Trenton ave....very weird!!