Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Visits from the Dead

While workers in the medical field have to be some of the most rational and logical individuals of any field, if you spend some time with anyone who deals with death and dying you will eventually come across some very strange and odd stories.

Whether it be care assistants, nurses or even physicians themselves there are many in the medical field that have an amazing story to tell.

The problem is getting them to tell it.

Like in any other field of work there are many of those who doubt and mock the stories of the unexplained. And perhaps those in the medical profession are more suspect of such stories; since many are surrounded by death and dying constantly but few ever have an unexplained experience. And unless you are a good friend most of those who experience the paranormal at the medical workplace will keep quite about their experiences.

But if you are fortunate to have them share their brief encounters with the unexplained, you often find they are some of the most heartwarming and assuring you have ever encountered...

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Anonymous said...

Once when my dad was in the hospital, he started receiving these nightly visits from a very friendly nurse. She would come to check on him and reassure him that everything would be alright.
One morning he decided to find out who this nurse was and asked about her and gave her description. There was no one on staff that fit her description. My father believed it was a guardian angel.

brypie said...

A lot of people tell me all ghosts are demons. I disagree. What are your thoughts on this subject?

Lori said...

My daughter works in a nursing home. She has had some really scary stuff happen. She got locked in the basement laundry room, cold breathing down the back of her neck, the chair next to her rocking, call lights going off in rooms recently vacated, etc. She loves working there and goes in to visit when she has days off. She had planned on being a flight nurse, but now she is specializing in geriatric care.

Anonymous said...

Is this reassuring? Maybe, maybe not. Telling someone that death is nothing to fear is no act of generosity if that man needs to make his peace with God first.

cryptidsrus said...

Good story.

I guess it's not unusual for people who are "close" to a certain place or people to want to stick around and maybe confort those who may miss their passing.

I guess Roger knew that the other guy was going to die and stuck around to help the man pass over. Sort of like a wife/husband being visited by their deceased spouse shortly before dying themselves.

Lori said...

I have been researching "ghosts" for the 15 years. I've been recording EVP's long before it was popular. I've been a personal support worker for a year and have already seen dozens of people to their final breath, Including my 29 year old husband, just 2 and half years ago. Just before my husband died, he pointed towards the bare wall and said a door just opened up right there. He had said earlier that a train full of people had passed right through the room and right through myself and his sister! (No brain injury, he had leukemia and at this time had taken nothing but tylenol, and truth be told a little weed, for pain management) I've been meaning to write a blog on some of my experiences with the paranormal, as there have been many. Perhaps I'll send you a link when I'm done.