Saturday, June 20, 2009

UFO in Singapore

I stumbled upon a strange video that supposedly shows a UFO over Singapore on May17th.

The report is from May 18th.

There is speculation that it is sunlight reflected on jet contrails, but that just does not seem right.

The phenomena descends on an angle toward the horizon instead of fades, like a contrail would.

One would also guess it might be a piece of space junk entering the atmosphere, however it does not have the appearance of breaking up, but remains the same as it dips below the trees, during a supposed time frame of 15 minutes.

The video can be found on my Examiner report here: Examiner


Howard said...

It's not really relevant, but I had my own UFO experience one night a few years ago. I was on the cordless talking to a friend when I decided to step out into the front yard, when I noticed a disk hovering silently over the trees to the right. This really creeped me out, especially since I do not believe we are visited by vessels from other planets, but the only way to live with myself was to stick around and see what happened. As the disk slowly approached, a humming sound became noticeable, and then...

It was a powered paraglider with an illuminated canopy. The pilot and everything else below were invisible in the dark, and the engine made too little sound to be noticed from a distance.

cryptidsrus said...

Interesting sighting. Thanks, Swope.
That also does not look like jet contrails to me.

Haywood Zarathustra said...

Hi Pastor Swope. Interesting posting which reminds me of a couple of incidents that I've personally witnessed here in the state of North Carolina.

Both occurrences were pretty much identical and happened about seven years apart, beginning in 1999. Each happened around noon. I am by no means a skygazer but in these instances the heavy pattern of contrails/chemtrails got me looking around the sky trying to find one of the culprit planes.

I located one churning out whatever it is these things paint the sky with and it was so high it was like the head of a pin. I could definitely see it moving at the head of the chemtrail at about the 12 o'clock position and the chemtrail path stretched out behind it to the horizon, so if it was just vapor condensation it was not dissipating.

All at once, it stopped producing the chemtrail, continued on for about a second without anything trailing it, then I could see the sun flash or glint on it, and it vanished. No clouds or trails were ahead of it to vanish into.
I know others near here who have witnessed the same thing, and I'm positive of what I saw. Needless to say it was kind of disturbing.

I don't necessarily subscribe to the alien theory, but it could be from some sort of government black project. It is said that the military has technology that it sits on and uses for twenty years before the public catches on, until either other people discover it or it can't be hidden any longer. Or else it becomes obsolete as the military goes on to other things.

Lon said...

This newscast on MediaCorp TV5 is from July 2006

oprina tiberiu said...

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Anonymous said...

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mrs chew said...


I've had an encounter just two days ago. woke up to feed my son at 5:30 am and as I looked out the bedroom window to see if it was going to rain, 2 light beams both slanted at approx -45 degree angle whizzed past across my 4 bedroom windows at a distance of about 200m from me.. the movement was silent, the light beams were consistently bright without any flickering. there wasn't any aircraft body as well.. i was totally freaked n woke my hubby in fear.

when I woke up in the morning, I googled n found some YouTube videos resembling what I saw except that some of the videos showed orange flames/outline which I didn't see in my encounter. not sure if those were from the effect of the vidcams.

from this encounter, I definitely believe that we are not alone. possibilities of rsaf aircrafts are eliminated if we rationalize the incident,
-silent craft
- unusually low flight pattern
- unusual appearance of light beam
- time n location of testing: at a residential area during sleeping hours??

unless they are testing some new tech yet to be known. but going by the first captured incident in y2006, would they spend 4 years to test??

if these were indeed UFOs, it raises a lot of unsettling questions:
1) did they arrive undetected by our Defence units?
2) if their technology was way advanced (obviously) and allowed them to arrive undetected, why are they here and what are they doing here?
3) if they WERE detected, why has our RSAF allowed them in our airspace? was it because they have not shown hostility? Or because we are unsure of the intruders' capability and should not risk provocation?

whatever the case, it raises a question : is there a breach of national security?

Anonymous said...

reply to mrs chew,
I'm a believer of ufo, some logical reply to your questions.

1) Given their ultra advance tech, it will not be a surprise they have the ability to come undetected.
2) There is nothing our air force or any air force in the world can do to intercept them. War planes of 2nd world war can't even compete with today's fighter plane and that is only 50 years or more ago only. Imagine what technological difference is when these beings are thousands or millions year more advance than us.
3)What would we do when we found new species of animals? Observe and investigate them. Their ultra high intel will make us look like animals to them. Just like monkey compare to humans.
4)Breach of national security? Sure, any country would feels the same way if any air craft goes into their air space uninvited. But what can we do with our limited technology?
5)Anyway, if they mean harm to us, we are dead meat already. So dun worry, we should be quite safe.