Saturday, August 15, 2009

Interview with Pastor Swope By The BAZ Files

Sorry about the lack of posts, in this bad economy I have taken a second job to meet the needs of my family. So time is a rare jewel that I wish I had more of. However, I sense there comes a lull in the storm soon. In fact my secondary job is in direct relation to Hospice care, which I have been researching for my new book, Echo's Beyond the Veil: Unexplained Events at the End of Life.

We shall see what God has in store to share.

Meanwhile, Pastor Barry Porter of Australia has asked me a few questions about myself, ministry and my background. You can find the interview at:


Jeff said...

I was wondering why it seemed so quiet around here lately. I hope you are correct in that there will be a lull in the storm soon.

BFilmFan said...

Take care of your family Pastor Swope. Your devoted fans understand that family comes first.

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