Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cult or Culture?

On my Examiner page I am starting a new series of stories that concern modern religious oddities and cult beliefs as they pop up in the news. Most odd beliefs are either a twist of theology or Cultural norms so I am calling this new series Cult or Culture.

First up, a clegryman from Kent tells his congregation that a wife should shut up and obey her husband. What a great Valentine's Day gift! Of course it went over very well with the female congregants. I myself have encountered a simular attitude by clergy as I served in Upstate New York almost 20 years ago. As I have said here before, it all comes down to context. Is this erroneous belief because of cult beliefs of cultural misunderstanding?

Read the story on my Examiner page here: The Pittsburgh Paranormal Examiner


cryptidsrus said...

Lovely!!! Oh, well...:)

RDGStout said...

Dear Pastor Swope,

As a cleric myself (of the Lutheran variety) I've been greatly enjoying your blog, and I applaud you on your Cult or Culture? article.

Anonymous said...

It is natural that you consider your own beliefs to be correct, of course. The cavalier manner in which you set yourself up to be the arbiter of correct biblical interpretation, on the other hand, requires further justification.