Monday, January 14, 2013

How to do a Blessing or Consecration

I get about 3 to 4 requests a week for advice from people who are having disturbing experiences with a local haunting.

They want to know how they can rid their house or building of entities which harass the family members dwelling there, spirits which seem to be malevolent or even demonic.

My first response is to try a Blessing or Consecration ceremony. Now these are Christian Ceremonies and the references are Christian. Other faiths have their own traditions, customs and ceremonies. If you object to the use of Christian terminology or Biblical references I am sorry, you will have to find help elsewhere. But in my worldview it is with the power of God through Christ only that you can have successful results when confronting malevolent entities. So here is how to preform the ceremonies for the novice.

It could either clear up the problem or make it worse.

If it gets worse then you know for sure you are dealing with a demonic entity and you need to get someone involved who knows the Exorcist rite. My book, "An Exorcist's Field Guide to Blessings and Consecrations" goes into detail about 'how to' preform more detailed rites of Blessing and Consecration as well as the more advanced rites of Cleansing and the Exorcism of demonic entities from buildings or areas.(please, unless you have professional counseling and spiritual warfare training  DO NOT attempt to deal with the possible possession of a human being. If you do not know what you are doing you can leave the person worse off in the end and could actually face a malpractice or civil lawsuit if you unintentionally do psychological damage)

First:You need two to three others to help, they will be your prayer support. It is best to find believing Christians who know how to pray and have them either come with you (best) or pray at another location.

However, it is very important that you are not alone, have at least one with you who is a Christian of faith. They can support you and if you have others praying elsewhere they could text message them as to how the ritual is going.

Materials needed:

Holy Water (get it at your local Catholic Church, use any bottle you wish)

Incense ( any kind you feel like: sage and charcoal or even cone)

A Hanging Incense censur


Before you begin read Ephesians 6:10-17 from the Bible. Read as a prayer of protection and blessing.

Go into every room with incense and holy water. As you enter swing the incense and pray,

"We consecrate this room in the name of God through our Lord Jesus Christ. As the smoke from the incense rises so do our prayers to the ear of God. We command any evil spirit in this room to depart and to never return. We bind them and command them to leave all occupants and visitors alone in the Name and through the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who gave His life for the remission of sin."

Sprinkle Holy Water with each name as you say, "We consecrate this room and this house in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit, Amen."

Read one of the following Scripture passages from the Bible, choose which one is more pertinant to the situation:
1 John 4:1-4Colossians 2:11-15Matthew 10:12 Corinthians 6:16-7:11 John 1:5-9

Repeat in every room and then have everyone gather for prayer in whatever main room the host decides upon, or the room where the most activity happens.

"Lord God we commit this house to you today, if any wrongs have been done to bring this upon this house or this family we ask forgiveness and cleansing in the blood of Christ and we accept and welcome that forgiveness. We ask you would call Angels to guard this house as we now commit it to you dear Father. Guard each one of the family (ask God to guard each person dwelling there by name). This house and these people are now consecrated and freely given to you God and we now put our trust and confidence in you to protect us. In The name of Jesus we Pray, Amen."

(note: If it is a serious infestation or has a casual connection to any of the buildings occupants you might hear some phenomena or see one of the occupants behave strangely during this last prayer)

Then as a finale, read aloud Romans 8:33-39 from any version of the Bible you wish .

It is important to stress the Blood of Christ because this will either rid the house of the evil spirit or if it is a strong entity it will rile it up.

Until Next Time,
Pastor Swope


Mrs. C said...

What if what you are dealing with is a benign entity/ghost/spirit of a former occupant? Must you do the ceremony addressing it as "evil"?

Howard said...

Mrs. C: The best advice I have seen (on a Catholic website) was, if you see a ghost, pray for God to bless it. Pray hard and consistently; if you are comfortable with doing so, you can ask a priest to dedicate a Mass for this intention. (A small donation of $5 or $10 is customary on such occasions. You can also request Masses online from some large churches, like the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, or some monastic orders.)

If the "ghost" is indeed someone who has died and is experiencing some kind of Purgatory, the prayers will benefit them. (Purgatory is a painful cleansing before entering Heaven.) If the person is actually IN Heaven (experiencing the Beatific Vision) -- as Chesterton said, there is a huge difference between saying "I have seen a ghost" and "I have seen a Saint;" we can rule that out. If it is deceased person who is in Hell, or, more likely, a demon, his intent is to drive you away from God, and he will not like your increased prayers at all.

Jose Prado said...

Yet again, amother beautiful and well done post Robin. I've been slacking on reading my favorite blogs lately but thank you for this.

Strangely enough, I had to perform an on the spot banishing and consecration last night at a friend' s home.

I did a Gnostic (Pagan) rite with rites of Catholicism as well. As a Gnostic I believe all paths are one so I began by invoking Christ as well as Odin and Thor and Finished off by calling upon the 7 African Powers and the family's spirit guides to finish castong them out.

Which leads to another good point for others to know : Never...Ever use your own power to cast them out. Call on the power of that Divinity or Divinities your work with.

Otherwise they'll drain you.

And Mrs. C, one would have to determine whether or not this was a good spirit or a bad spirit pretending to be good.

Sometimes they try to slip one past you. Pastor Swope can better direct you with his methods on what to do.

Howard said...

@Jose Prado

Your idea that "all paths are one" is only sensible if by it you mean "they are all equally lies."

Imagine two men go to a dance, and on the way back they each claim to have met the most beautiful girl in the world. If their descriptions are essentially the same, maybe they are talking about the same girl. If, on the other hand, one of them says she is a statuesque blonde of 5'8" who speaks with a Norwegian accent, while the other says she is a petite brunette of 4'11" who speaks with a Southern drawl, they are obviously talking about two different women. Applying this standard to religion, the Catholic and Protestant conceptions of God are essentially the same, but their really is almost no overlap between Catholicism and Shinto. If you want to say "you're both right" to Catholicism and Shinto, it would have to be in the same sense you might say it to two people disagreeing on the appearance of Santa Claus: you're both equally right, only there is no Santa Claus.

If you take that latter viewpoint, though, why do you tell us you invoke Christ? If it's an irrelevant detail, why don't you tell us what color shirt you wore, or whether you were wearing tube socks, or what you had for lunch the previous day?

The thing is, your position is not even historical Gnosticism! Real Gnosticism wasn't really syncretistic, though it might (like Santeria) borrow words and names to make its ideas more palatable to the public.

Just to reiterate: You say that it makes no difference if Osiris is invoked or the Holy Trinity. A Christian says that it makes a huge difference, and that asking a favor of Osiris, like asking a favor of Organized Crime, may get something done in the short term at the expense of a huge debt to be paid later; it's not worth it. You can say Christians are wrong, just don't say that there is no difference between Christianity and your "path".

Marcia C said...

Hi Robin,

Just a couple of comments. First of all, I believe the correct spelling is "censer." Also, an Orthodox Church would have Holy Water as well.

Marcia C said...

Hi Robin,

Two comments: First of all, I believe the correct spelling is "censer." Second, an Orthodox Church will have Holy Water as well.
(You may have already received this comment. If so, you may delete this one. I'm never sure how this comment thing works.)

zentai said...

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