Monday, June 1, 2015

Charlie, Charlie a viral marketing stunt

Viral marketing is best when its not noticeable as viral marketing. That is what happened with the latest twitter trend, the #CharlieCharlieChallenge. It seems it was all a viral marketing plot to raise awareness of a new movie  The Gallows from Warner Brothers. 

Many doubt that it is just a viral marketing campaign, and it is, in essence not just a viral marketing campaign. Anything that asks youth to summon a demon is not a great thing. Even if you do not believe in demons. Many people can be manipulated into believing supernatural forces are at work to ruin their lives, and it could be that Charlie Charlie is going to have an impact on the mental well being and emotional stability of a small but impressionable portion of the population.

Of course, tradition and experience tells me that if you open yourself up to demonic influence it can have a catastrophic influence on others. Real spirits can enter in and take that challenge even if it was not intended for them. Because you have announced that you want to play. And boy, they want to play as well. But you are the toy.

However, real possession or oppression is very rare, and the majority of those playing the #charliechalriechallenge will never have a problem and chalk the experience up as a weird trend they participated in, like the ice bucket challenge of last year. But because it never has affect you in a negative way, does not mean it could not affect someone else. It can be a trigger for an emotional incident, or it could be the opening of a dark portal for someone's sanity. We tend to forget we are not all the same and something that seems silly to some can be devastating to others.

I just hope this is the beginning of the end for the #charliecharliechallenge

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