Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My official stance on MUFON and the racial issues that have arose

As the fallout from the PA MUFON Director's racial post grows, I have remained silent just to see what was what. I believe that it is not best to be quick to judge. But as the light is shined on certain posts, I cant help but feel sad. As someone with Native American and African American blood and heritage, I am discouraged, outraged and wishing that people could see beyond race or differences and embrace the minutia of our humanity as part of a grand tapestry. I have fought bullies all my life and racism at it's core is bullying. How can we hope to reach out to possible alien life if we can't love and accept those of our own species? Therefore until the racism is addressed, I must too in solidarity with Nick Redfern and others, sever ties with MUFON. People, ALL people are precious and made in God's image and deserve respect, love and dignity. Racism is evil, and must be addressed and disarmed.

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