Friday, October 3, 2008

Calling all Spanish Speaking Paranormalists

I have recently been contacted by a producer for Don Francisco Presenta on Univision. Anyone of you who has a decent cable system or Dish Network should know Don Francisco as the host of Sabado Gigante it was a highly entertaining and popular Spanish language variety show.

The Don Francisco Presenta is looking for Spanish language people who have had an encounter with the unexplained or paranormal.

Hauntings, Angels, Demonic Possessions, UFO Sightings, Cryptozoological Enigmas and all things Fortean.

At this time they are looking for persons who speak Spanish for interviews on their unexplained encounters.

If you are a Spanish speaking person who has had a paranormal experience and can provide adequate proof send your story to: Don Francisco Presenta's Paranormal Interviews

with the subject header "My Paranormal Experience".

Thanks, hope you can help them out!

Pastor Swope


BFilmFan said...

Scott Corrales is a pretty well known Spanish paranormal investigator that used to live here in Atlanta, Georgia.

You might want to send him the information at

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