Friday, October 24, 2008

The Terror of the Omega Men

Behind the College I attended in the 1980s, Nyack College, there lay a dark and desolate Mountain.

The Clausland Mountain loomed formidably over the Rockland county landscape, from its peak you could even see the skyscrapers of New York City some 18 miles distant.

There were frequent sightings of the unexplained on the twisting road that led up to the mountain and it was somehow connected to the stories of the Dark Specter which I chronicled in the entry “The Specters of Oom” earlier this year.

Somehow the Dark Specter was connected to the mountain.

In the Spring Semester of 1984 a group of college students had drove around the mountain after midnight and on the peak they came across a group of robed figures who blocked the way. They had a screaming girl with them. As the car slowed down the robed figures quickly tried to encircle it and as they approached the car with weapons the students stepped on the gas and burst through the encircling throng. They immediately came back to campus and notified security which contacted the local police. When the security detail with the police escort arrived at the scene there was nothing to see. A search of the local woods also failed to come up with any evidence to support the students claim. But they swore what they encountered was true. And what happened to the screaming girl? One shudders to think, for the area has rumors of ritualistic murders and the mountain was famous for being a dumping ground for bodies by New York City crime lords. In fact I had a good friend who was hiking on the trails one Saturday afternoon when he came upon a large filled garbage bag. It was lying in the middle of the trail and he tried to kick it to the side with his foot. Blood trickled out a small hole made by the force of the blow. Fearing the worst he made his way back to campus and called police to come investigate the strange bag. In it was a mutilated corpse. It had been put through a woodchipper and was just a huge rotting mess. Later it was revealed that the dead person had been a victim of “The Iceman” Richard Kuklinski.

Satanic and mobster offerings were not the only paranormal phenomena that manifested itself behind our small college on the Hudson river.

In the mid 1980s during the UFO flap of the Hudson Valley many people saw the V-shaped UFOs hovering over the mountain only to turn and go in another direction. A friend of mine related to me that in late 80s how on one dark summer night he was lying in the middle of our athletic field and meditating about the next school year when a gigantic black shape crawled across the sky and blackened out the stars. The ship was either so enormous that its expanse was beyond comprehension or it was a large ship that was for some reason flying low. Either way it left my friend very shaken. He was not one to be shaken easily. The fact that he is now a High School Principle in an urban setting justifies that assessment.

Strange things always happened around the Clausland mountains, and my College lay on the ridge.

One of the strangest things on the mountain was the former Camp Bluefields. During World War 1 it was used as a rifle range and a POW camp. Miles of underground tunnels litter the top of Clausland Mountain, dark and mysterious. Many call it ‘Tweed’ because it lies off the winding Tweed Boulevard. The tunnels would provide safe passage from one rifle range to another with only small slits every few yard to provide illumination. The fascility was abandoned after WW1 because many times stray bullets would hit homes in the local towns and even started fires.

Some of the tunnels are over a mile in length and even in the broad daylight you cannot see the other end. Rooms that were used as barracks, prisons and offices are located near almost every tunnel. In some of the larger rooms there is evidence of Satanic activity as pentagrams and odd hieroglyphs litter the aged cement walls. Fire pits are often found with pieces of bone and clothing. It is whispered that these are the remains of some of the ritualistic killings.

The tunnels are frightening to enter in the daytime but go in them at night is an intensely frightening experience. You can feel a disturbing presence throughout the area. It is as if something is watching you.

There are 4 entries about these tunnels and the terror that they inspire the intrepid explorer in the book “Weird New York” by Chris Gethard. The articles confirm the evil presence that most feel when they enter the dank darkness of the underground system. On page 20 of the book under the title “Not Just Evil, but also Dangerous” contributor Mark Miljko writes:

“The reason why the police don’t like to go in ‘there’ is because there was and still is a practicing satanic cult who use the Clausland Mountains for their satanic rituals. There have been many bodies found up there, most of whom have died in a sacrificial manner. The cult members are referred to as the Omega Men. Their names are the only ones scribbled down the farther tunnels and all around the opening of the first with threats and the like.

Anyway, I believe the one tunnel, the one where you have to crawl through a rotting tree to get in, has something very evil about it. A little way down that tunnel, there is something like a wormhole or portal. This is not something physical, but metaphysical. When you stand beside it, you can feel a wind blowing out of the side of the wall. There is no hole, nor is there a feasible scientific explanation…you can feel the presences pouring out from that spot.”

The Omega Men’s symbol was a double Greek Omega that is linked to form a rounded M. This symbol can be seen on almost every wall in the entire system. It is even located at great heights in the larger rooms with no visible means to have it painted there. It is like the Omega Men used some preternatural ability to scale the walls and place their mark for all to see.

There are other graffiti marks that adorn the walls of the complex, but the markings of the double Omega dominate every tunnel and building.

The Omega Men were well known to the students of our small Christian College. In fact many knew some of them personally.

I was actually the third person drafted into the ‘satanic cult’.

You see the Omega Men that have inspired so much dread and fear were in fact a few Christian College students who loved the outdoors and strange places. They were founded by a Security chief and two librarians. One of them is now a missionary.

And they attracted others who loved mystery and dared to venture out into the unexplained even if it was frightening and they were alone in the dark. One 'newer' member of the 'cult' is the now principle who saw the giant craft that flew over the Hudson that warm summer night long ago.

My friend Jon founded the group and as an Army Chaplain’s Assistant and chief of security he pushed himself to accomplish a lot of things others would not dare. That’s why the Omega Man’s symbol is near the rafters in rooms that have no support to reach those dizzying heights.

The Omega Men did love the cover of dark, and Jon would often lead his group out in the cover of darkness into the desolate forest of Clausland late in the evening.

Dressed in black they were almost unseen.


Because Clausland was a notorious place for evil, and unseen they could penetrate deep into the dark woods and confront the drug dealers, wanna be crime lords and the strange and bizarre cloaked figures that caused so much fear.

Did they ever confront the evil face to face? They were ghost hunting long before it has become the national obsession that it is today. They confronted things that in the dark abysmal darkness and came away with many stories. War stories like so many veterans, were only shared with those that went through the shared with them.

Otherwise no one would believe them.

To tell the truth though I never made the long night trips into the countryside to confront evil like my fellow Omega Men did.

I liked sleep.

Still do.

While they were investigating into the twilight hours I slept the night away.

I might have had a better GPA, but they have whole lot more stories to tell.

I hope they share with us.

Sometimes the story depends on the storytellers’ viewpoint.

Too many today the Omega Men were vile satanic worshipers.

But in reality they were a Security guard, two librarians, a future principle and a future minister.

How many other tales of high strangeness lost to history have been distorted to the point that the good has become the bad?

Were there strange and paranormal oddities that made themselves real in the Hudson Hills in the 1980s? I was a witness of many. Was there a strange cult in the Clausland Mountain during that time that still survives until the present day? From all I hear there is indeed some high strangeness happening there as there always seems to have been. The Omega Men were not a part of it, in fact they tried to fight it.

But sometimes the darkness seeps back into the deep corners of the world….

Until Next Time,

Pastor Swope

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Anonymous said...

This is a very thought provoking story. I'm glad that you shared it with us.

cryptidsrus said...

Interesting story, Swope.

You know it's frightening when even the police won't go in.

I guess exorcising the place is not an option. Thanks for sharing.

cryptidsrus said...

I DID like the story about the giant UFO, though. You're right---inner city high school principals are tough sons-of-guns. So the object must have been HUGE.

Kent McManigal said...

Very interesting story. Thanks for telling it.
It seems appropriately spooky for Halloween, yet with the good guys being the "dark avengers" or something.

Moonwalker said...

Greetings Pastor from Holland.

I'm a Muslim myself and like you I'm very interested in the world behind this world.

I think you took a great initiative by talking about these subjects. You don't try to convince people to search the light and God, instead you even give some natural explanations for the weird things you write about. And that's a good way to approach these kind of things.

Many respect for you and I really enjoy reading all the stories.

I have one question though: Is it possible to investigate these things? Or is it a bad idea?

I hope you'll manage to put all your stories in a book. I'll make sure to buy it!

Peace and Love.


Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the comment Cryptidsrus,

For more on exorcism in the area read the latest comment for "The Specters of Oom" one of my College President's had a nasty encounter a few years ago related by his son's friend.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the comment Kent,

They did see themselves as dark avengers that's for sure. They were at times downright fearless, repelling into dark chasms late at night and scaring off drug dealers. That's why I designated myself as 'prayer support'...:)

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the comment Moonwalker,

I am glad you like the blog, thanks for the compliment!

In America there is a current explosion of ghost hunting and paranormal groups. Many have no idea what they are dealing with. Some web sites that 'train' these groups show no real knowledge in differentiating demonic entities and residual hauntings. I think in the upcoming years we will see a surge of mental illness in the paranormal community caused or enhanced by unwitting exposure to dark forces they had no idea how to deal with.

Rastus Boobastus said...

Just curious Pastor, but do you think that all the alleged "ritual" murders attributed to "Satanic" groups would amount to much when compared to the oodles of folk murdered under the sanctifying cover of Christianity?

It seems that the Satanists are pikers in the area of group slaughter undertaken in a ritualized context.

I suggest that you check out Bill Ellis's books Lucifer Ascending & Raising Satan along with Gareth Medway's Lucifer Rising for good solid examinations of exactly how the claims about "Satanic cults" are, in many cases, hot air inflated lumps of invented bullshit.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the Comment Rastus Boobastus,

But it not only is narrow minded, acerbic and bigoted it is very ill informed. While your statement about the reality of ritualistic murders might have been true 30 years ago there have been many very real and validated instances over the past two decades.

Sgt_Skull said...

Hi Rastus,

I believe it is poor logic to try to disprove the validity of one thing, by pointing to the existence of another.

Wehn I was a teen I had wandered someplace I was not supposed to be, and saw a Satanic cult run over a partial burried cat with a lawn mower...they exist.

Sam said...

great story.

A few questions though, do the omega men still exist?/ still practise?

And were they always serious about their intentions or did it start off as a bit of roleplay or a prank of sorts?

IrishCicero said...

I happened past a pair of robed figures in the night one time, under mysterious circumstances.

Who are these robed men?

kokopelli said...

Not to get deep in religion and wars, however if Rastus Boobastus is speaking mainly of the holy wars he needs to research it again - and not make an asinine comment.

And beyond that, just because someone says they are a christian does it make it so? I mean, I could say I'm the president. But am I really? (maybe in my own mind).

Anywho, Jesus didn't teach murder (which you would know if you actually read the bible). So therefore it's acts of men and not GOD that do many corrupt things.

I would hardly call someone a christian (which by definition means a follower of Christ and his teachings) if they don't live by his word.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the comment Kokopelli,

I say a hearty AMEN.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the comment IrishCicero,

Hmm. Exactly.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the comment Sam,

There were a few around in the early 90s after the founders left, then they just faded away.

It started out more of shenanigans at night time and became intentional and focused after they saw what they were in for.

The security guard who was the leader was a National Guard Chaplains Assistant so he had military training and spiritual training as well.

cryptidsrus said...


I wouldn't call the statement "asinine"---Obviously the guy disagrees with Christianity. Doesn't mean Satanism is "legit." Bad opinion, but his opinion nevertheless.

All paths lead to the One. If we accept the theory this world's an illusion and we're all working towards enlightenment and "liberation" (if one accepts THAT, of course) then eventually everything shall all be good in its place. Julian Of Norwich said it best---"All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well." Ultimately all illusion and ignorace will be wiped away and things will be "made clear." Probably not in our lifetimes, of course, but sometime in the spritual evolutionary history of Earth. MY opinion, of course.

For what it is worth, I firmly believe ritual slaughter by Satanists occurs in this world as we speak. Ultimately, our friend, while deluded, deserves our compassion. He's just working his way back to God---albeit at a SLOWER pace than others. Thanks for the story again, Swope. :)

kokopelli said...

I have to disagree Cryptidsrus.
I would call it asinine.

You've entirely missed my point. Whether he disagrees with Christianity or not is not what my point is about at all.And yes he is entitled to his opinion.

However, when he makes statements such as :

"but do you think that all the alleged "ritual" murders attributed to "Satanic" groups would amount to much when compared to the oodles of folk murdered under the sanctifying cover of Christianity?".

That is inferring that Christianity in and of itself is guilty for murder. Hence, it is asinine to make a comment without first knowing what you're talking about.

I'm not blasting him for not being a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or any other religion for that matter, I'm saying if you are going to bring up a point of criticism you must first know the material you speak about.

As in actually reading the material or referencing all written documents pertaining to your point. If you're not a christian then read the 4 books of Christs' teachings then show me where it says to kill others(actually it says quite the opposite).

I don't sit here judging the Muslim, Hindu, etc. religions because some of their followers have killed. Lumping religions or faiths with men's doing is wrong. And I don't purport to know everything about other religions/faiths because I haven't studied them. So I don't make uninformed or misinformed comments about them.

eibhear said...

I quite agree with your first comment, kokopelli. In fact I believe there is a dangerous and deluded maniac called George W. who imagines himself to be President wreaking havoc on the world as we speak...

Anonymous said...

Hey Swoper! Great article!
Here is a little bit of a follow-up for your readers...

This is Jon the founder and "Supreme Omega Commander" of the Omega Men. I am currently a lay pastor and an Executive Protection Agent. The Omega Men formally ceased to exist as an organization in 1993 after an unfortunate incident in Seattle Washington which, although nothing illegal, or even actually questionable took place, did involve the FBI for a short time. I decided it was not worth the potential trouble. For a few years after that I still received calls from people who found our organization's documents and actually tracked me down wanting to join. At our peak The Omega Men had approximately 100 members with chapters in Texas, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington.
The Omega Men was paramilitary fraternal brotherhood started by my roommates and myself as an exercise in government procedure and structure. We however like the out-of-doors and mischief-making so we soon took it outside and into the dark. As probably happens on most college campuses, any time you start something mysterious and mischievous soon many want to join you.
We became interested in the paranormal "happenings" because of the many rumors that constantly circle our campus. I believe in truth, absolute truth, and the necessity that the truth be known or at least available, therefore I had to find out for myself what was really happening out there. I do not feel that it is a healthy thing for people, especially Christians, to be afraid of things that they are ignorant of, things that may or may not be evil or even real. Yes we saw some weird things up there, and yeah we did some outrageous and probably(certainly)foolish things but I will not tantalize you with stories for that would be contrary to what we were all about. It is far more important for you to confront the real evil in your own heart and mind, than to be trying to find it lurking in some dark tunnel on a lonely mountain.
Are the Omega Men still around... Well, the kinship we felt is still there and the experiences and Omega frame of mind will be with us forever.

JonA S.O.C.

AbnormalChristian said...

Hello there. It's strange, in my early days at Nyack I pondered at the symbols of the Omegamen strewn throughout campus. I started around 2001 there. I even began documenting all of the different places the symbol could be found. I investigated the tunnels extensively with a couple trusted friends. I doubt many have searched that place as well as us. The ruins are quite extensive though none of the tunnels themselves extend as far as people claim. After a while we came across a few of the faculty that had been a part of the original Omegamen. We did start a small group of unofficial Omegamen after finding the group to be defunct. It never really went anywhere but we did do quite a bit of urban and not-so-urban exploring in the area. It's so fascinating to me to find the founder here. I'd love to hear some of your stories and maybe share a couple of my own though I doubt mine come nearly as close to as interesting as yours. Jon, I'd especially love to hear from you. Email me at

Anonymous said...

I have hiked all over that mountain. Yes there are sections off the trails but not too far from the road that have disturbed earth, many smaller rocks littered on mounds with moss growing on them. They are peculiar to the landscape, and look like shallow graves. Less than 20 miles north of NYC a great secluded place for burying bodies, and the locals see no evil, hear no evil.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy eating the beef brisket sandwich from baileys smokehouse restaurant on 303. It is only approx 10 minutes from clausland. Sometimes I even get bacon and cheddar on it. Delish!!

Anonymous said...

Funny. I grew up in Rockland and when we were in HS we used to go up to the BlueField tunnels as we would call them and scare the crap out of each other. One night my friends called me to go up with them. I told them I would meet them later. I was on the phone with my girlfriend. About an hour later I drive up to the mountain and pulled over to the particular trail where the rest of the cars were parked. I stopped, got out with my flashlight and started walking down the trail. I got to the bottom where the big tunnel is in the clearing and no one was there. I knew they had already started down the tunnel. I was not brave enough to walk through alone so I hopped up on top and ran down to the other end to meet them. When I got to the other side no one was there. I started getting nervous. I ran back to the clearing on top of the tunnel. When I got to the clearing I initially found no one. I proclaimed in a nervous and frustrated voice "Shit". All of the sudden from behind the trees and bushes around the clearing my friends began to emerge. "are you fucking Kidding Me!" you scared the shit out of us". They heard me running on top off the tunnel and got scared so they jetted back. I said to them. I told you I would meet you down here. I guess they never thought I would go alone.

I now live in Upper GrandView at the base of the "mountain" I don't think anything has ever gone on there but a bunch of kids getting drunk and high and scarring themselves.

bludooman said...

I grew up in Nyack, N.Y. and have known Camp Bluefields, Tweed & The Tunnels since I was 8 years old in 1958. I grew up in those woods. Camped in those wood. Tripped my socks off in those woods. The only 'boogiemen' in those woods are the idiots who twist & misconstrue local folklore to their own ends. No Devils, no boggie men, no headless horsemen. Just woods & interesting local history.