Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Fortean Investigator Joke

Thought I'd pass a joke along! It's an experimental casting video for "The Gray Area".

Vote for me to be a take part in the new paranormal show from the Discovery Network, click the link below and vote! You can vote every day!


Catherine said...

Hysterical! Deadly accurate, too.

Louann said...

LOL! Great joke. Good luck Pastor Swope. You would make a great addition to any show.

cryptid_hunter said...

I've voted for ya several times and will continue to do so, keep up the interesting posts, I thoroughly enjoy reading them.

BTW, did you ever get a chance to re-work that cryptid bird illustration?


BFilmFan said...

You made me laughing so hard that my eyes are tearing and my ribs hurt!

Bravo sir. Most well played.

Cheryl said...

Great joke - fun illustrations!

KGS (on behalf of Peaches) said...

I like! Good luck in getting on the show.