Friday, March 13, 2009

How to prefrom a Blessing or Consecration to cleanse a building from malevolent entities

Since I have started this blog there does not a week pass when I am not contacted by 3 to 4 people who desperately need the intercession of an Exorcist with a problem entity that has been giving their family problems.

Last year we tried to form an alliance of people trained in such encounters to help in such situations, unfortunately only a handful have replied. So in a vast portion of the US I have no one to send to help. Therefore I have come up with a few rites to help those who face such situations. This is a very simple ceremony, and it is blatantly Christian. It is for the novice. I will also be publishing within the next few months a more advanced rite that includes Cleansing and building Exorcism rituals in a book called "An Exorcist's Field Guide". This is also for the novice and it fully explains in a step by step process how to do these rites with a flexible form that can be tailored for various situations.

But for now here is a simple Blessing or Consecration ceremony, it is at my Examiner page here:
The Rite

Hope this helps. It will either calm things down or increase the activity dramatically. If it increases contact me at the Paranormal Narthex in the sidebar.

Until Next Time,
Pastor Swope
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Jeff said...

Pastor Swope, I'm confused by this as it relates to your earlier post about ghosts in churches.

Churches are, by definition, consecrated places. If this ritual is meant to drive out spirits by consecrating the place, then why do spirits inhabit consecrated places like churches?

It seems like a contradiction to me. If the spirits in the house to be consecrated are just lost souls, then this ritual will do nothing to dispel them.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the comment Jeff,

Churches are not necessarily consecrated areas. They could have been consecrated once and have become defiled through various acts or influences. Biblically we see references how the Temple in Jerusalem was defiled and the same can inferred for churches as well.

Yes, this is primarily for malevolent entities, and be it ghost or demon they respond to commands. Of course with 'ghosts' you do not have to in theory use religious verbiage. However, since it cannot be readily ascertained as to what kind of entity you are encountering I would rather be safe than sorry.

scary said...

Thank you soo much. I really need this kind of help to get rid of weird shadows that keep me up at night.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Swopes, i am sorry that I did not offer to help out as I do know something about demons, but am not an expert. I do not seek out the paranormal, but it does find me! Having been told by a "sanctified" little Old Lady once that the "dark hairy thing" fled when i entered the room and having gotten a psychiatric patient calm by threatning a snakefilled demon head he thought was on the wall, and having survived an attack by "bad" shamen using a shapeshifting, window pounding, stomping, growling, scratching invisible thing in the apartment above me, I guesse i have some experience. I walk with tribal Elders but Jesus's Lords prayer sung and danced is what i used, non-stop praise worship. I also recommend using holy water, Frankinsense and myrrh, or blessed oil to mark every opening in the affected property, such as windows/doors,chimneys,laundry shoots, over the stove vents, closets. As you do this, you need to pray a good prayer, or use a psalm, or simple phrase, "I annoint this in the name of the Heavenly Father> I bless this spot that no evil may enter again. Go home to the Father! Leave now! or something simular. You can also sing praises to God as you bless and seal all openings. If it is a ghost, you wont see much action after that. If it is a demon, it may kick up a bit while you're doing this as it hates praises to God. Fear is it's friend> it grows stronger if people get freaked out. Therefore praise and joy and songs and prayers will knock it down and call in the angels, which some can do by focused prayer. If it is not a demon but some other supernatural nasty it may still help but other means may have to be used.

Anonymous said...

I sent you a post the other day. Don't know if you got it. Would be willing to co-ordinate prayer with you but not seeking to be listed as a demon buster, although I was told by one lady who claimed to see them that it ran out when I came in. I have had a lot of experince with the paranormal, but only a few with demons. I suggested using annointing oil, holy water, (you can even spritz the room with it and drink it before starting) and dancing and singing the Lord's prayer or chanting other prayers whilst sealing all aperatures.(doors, windows, chimneys, vents over the stove) energetically with either holy oil or incense. It has been my experience that dark entities of all sorts "feed" off of our emotions, especially fear. They thrive on a confused or disabled mind(drugs and alcohol) and like a virus they are capable of spreading to all involved. For those who are having troublesome spirits(non demon) Annointing, blessing, praying and physically moving or changing the space a little helps to break up the "holding pattern" of energy making it more difficult to manifest. Also for some crazy reason I think cleanliness really helps as a thorough cleansing, involving washing the walls may also help. It also helps to replace the negative energetic environment with a sacred and positive space, building a niche or shrine or special spot with religouse objects, and/or objects of inspiration, photos of inspiration, but Not of family members as they can track that also. Am I wronge? If it is really ddemonic and not garden variety ghotst, it will refuse to go to the light,(when you direct it to do so) and will kick up abit with the Lord's prayer or praise worship.
Don't let that bother you, Love is stronger than evil any day of the week. Peace

Howard said...

I have read elsewhere that Philippians 2:5-11 is also very effective. At the words "every knee should bow", everyone is to kneel, including particularly anyone under an evil influence.

David said...

I just read this article recently and you made an interesting comment:

"Repeat in every room and then have everyone gather for prayer in whatever main room the host decides upon, or the room where the most activity happens. Do not join hands as you pray."

You say: "DO NOT join hands as you pray" (my emphasis). My question is: why not join hands? Thanks for your interesting articles. I really enjoy your site.