Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pithy and Pompous Paranormal Pundancy

Frank, head of Erie County Paranormal asked me to appear on their blogtalk show this Saturday night. After having Riley Martin on the show last week there was a verbal slugfest between two callers that descended into Theological issues such as evolution, life on other planets and proving there is a God. They asked the callers back this week and asked me to sit in and strike up a debate. It was a blast and the two hours flew by, it was a thought provoking session where I show I cannot tell jokes very well and can come up with a crude analogy with the best of them. Tempers flared a bit and mayhem ensued. If you want to take a listen you can go to the show at the link below.

One of the key 'heretical' points I bring up is my belief that animals do not have souls. I try to explain it theologically and with an inappropriate metaphor, but I don't think many understood my intent.

Until Next Time,
Pastor Swope

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