Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seminar at the Erie Horrorfest

I have the humble privilege to participate in a seminar series for the Erie Horror Film Festival next month. They are wishing to expand the fulcrum of their view beyond the cinematic, and into the true tales of the unexplained. Therefore I am going to give a multimedia presentation of Erie Counties most astounding true tales of terror, The UFO landing on Presque Isle, The Love lost Nun of Mercyhurst College, The Ghost boy of Penn State Erie's Wintergreen Gorge, The Restless Dead of the War of 1812 to name a few.

You can find more information about the fest and the celebrity guest stars from horror filmdom here:
Come and say hello!

This is one reason why stories have not been flowing like usual here, I am doing a 3d animation on most of these stories. It seems my old habits of precrastination from Grad school has never left me and I always approach the task from the side instead of head on and waste a lot of time, which is why more stories are missing here. I do have a group of stories in the pike that shuls flow after this task is done. Sorry. But if you are in the Erie area and do enjoy the stories, I do believe you would enjoy the finished product I have labored over for the last month or two.

And hey, the fest is hosting Corey Feldman. He has seen Gremlins first hand!


Pastor Swope


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