Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Aliens

Brad and Sherry steiger's new book "Real Aliens: Space Beings and Creatures from Other Worlds" is available now on Amazon. I have had the privilage once again to be able to contribute to one of the Steiger's books in this series with this new release. Like its predecesors in the 'Real" series, this one does not dissapoint. It is an entery level book for those unfamiliar with the topic as well as a thorough overview of current topics and encounters to thrill the novice as well as those who have been investigating the UFO phenomena for years. Just a look at the table of contents will spark the curious to take a look at this latest work from Brad and Sherry:

Little Green Men
The Blonde Nordics
The Greys
The Praying Mantises
Reptilians and Serpent People
Robots and Androids
Hairy Dwarves and Bigfoot types
Frightening Encounters and Acts of Hostility
Sex with Aliens
Alien-Human Hybrids
The Star People
Aliens and the Military
Aliens and the Presidency
Astronauts and Aliens
Aliens and the Space Program
Underground and Undersea Alien Bases
Aliens and Secret Societies
Nazis and Aldebeeran Aliens
Alien Researchers Face Threats and Daath
Aliens in Earth's Prehistory and Religion
Aliens: Decievers or Deliverers?
Do We Face a Final War of the Worlds?

This book is fascinating reading. I contributed my research on the Presque Isle UFO/Bigfoot encounter of 1966.
You can buy the book on Amazon: Real Aliens

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