Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Witch of Endor

Before "Return of the Jedi" Endor was the home of a certain Israelite medium who had made a living fooling the local citizens by claiming that that she had access to their dead loved ones. After King Saul had banned all the effective mediums from his kingdom following the prophet Samuel's death, all the traditional methods of finding God's will eluded him and he was tormented about his future as a disobediant king. He eventually turned to this one of the last mediums of Israel, who lived in the area of Endor. Saul and the medium were suprised when the actual spirit of the prophet Samuel appeared and pronounced a curse upon Saul.

Here is a write up of this incident and the historical and theological background of life after death. Where does the Bible say we go when we die? Follow the link. Thanks to Pastor Baz and Bryony for the chance to write on this subject on the Christian Cryptozoological and Paranormal study Group Blog!

The Witch of Endor Part 2

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I think you mean Return of the Jedi. :)