Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Angel Caught on Camera in Hospital

A Special Story for the Holiday Season


Mojo Mom said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Daniel said...

Pastor Swope,

I am glad to see you found that story. I was going to email it to you yesterday morning but never got a chance. Amazing, huh?

I hope you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thanks for all you do!


Jason said...


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Randy said...

Wow...I'm usually fairly skeptical when it comes to encounters with angels (and demons, for that matter), but this video gave me chills. I don't know what that was on the monitor but it was there to help this child and her mother. Angel or no, it had to have been sent by the Lord. Thanks for sharing this with us during the holiday season. May it serve to remind us what it's all about.

qraal said...

Hi Pastor

Amazing! I can imagine Sceptics coming up with "explanations" about reflections and lens flares, but it's hard to imagine how the mother could've also seen either.

My own angelic encounter was years ago - a huge luminous winged form over my home city - and I've often wondered just what Angels might be. Legends say many things about them, but not much makes sense. Any thoughts yourself?

Anonymous said...

It was sunlight hitting the door and wall from a window off to the left of the screen. The scalloped "wings" along the top edge are formed where the corner of the wall breaks up the light.

games said...

That is amazing, I do believe in angels.

Greetings from Kansas!