Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Portents of 2009

In the spirit of the season, I would like to give some portents that have been given to me from others, that pertain to the year ahead.

Make of them as you like, remember if it from the lips of God it will abide, if from man…well then it shall stinketh…

The light of the east in the rubble of the west shall be a trouble for those who have forsaken the iron grip.

Beware of those who say peace to lull you into swift confidence; they shall eat you from the inside out and lay waste to the remains.

The peace that many long for will not be seen in the multitude, but in the stillness of the quiet night there will be those who will understand and be silent to watch.

The blood that flows from David shall indeed bring peace to all the sons of Abraham, but those who love the fast path to heaven shall never find it.

Those who have left may still linger but those who are still behind are more important. And those who seek an answer may ignore it while it still might be screaming in their face.

Turmoil sharpens the sword of the untested. It hardens the resolve of those who have abided and yet show mercy. The innocent shall lead those resigned to their destiny to greater day.

Oh yes and blue wins over green. Times 12.

While waiting…

Eat more veggies.

Good to the last.

Take it for what it is worth,

Until Next Time,

Pastor Swope


cryptidsrus said...

And don't forget to have your pets spayed or neutered...:):):)
Seriously, though...
Many happy returns of the year, Pastor. Thanks for the portents.

Kooljanik said...

You're right, they stinketh. They're so vague anything goes. Yours is always my favorite blog. Happy New Year Pastor!

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks Cooljanik!

You are right!

The mayo only slides to the side which you choose not to snack on...

Pastor Swope said...

You got it Cryptidus!

God Bless in the New Year!