Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Different Pyschic Vampire

I am sure most if not all of the readers of this blog have heard of the term ‘psychic vampires’.

Like the vampires of old these parasitic beings live upon the life force of others. Unlike the blood sucking freaks of old the new age psychic vampire drains the very life force of its victim either willingly or unwillingly.

Just do a google of the word ‘psychic vampire’ and you will come upon a cornucopia of various explanations, tales and beings who claim to be able to drain the vital energies from another fellow traveler on this great marble in space.

Even in a recent History Channel program profiling ‘real’ vampires they touched upon the subject highlighting the life and psychic needs of Michele Belanger. Michele is an author, performer and self proclaimed psychic vampire. She has a circle of willing victims on whom she feeds. The History Channel’s program “Monsterquest” produced evidence that there is an actual physiological component to the abilities of the psychic vampire.

However I believe there is a different kind of psychic vampire that just does not hinge on the singular characteristic of life draining. True that is the dominant and trademark quality of these creatures of the night. But there are other characteristics of the vampire that also have been popularized by both literature and cinema over the past two centuries that are mere secondary afterthoughts to many examination of the psychic vampire. These are the mesmerized followers, controlled and unconditional obedience of these followers, violent fear of the revelation of their true nature and ungodly minions.

Now these characteristics are not historical but they are imbedded in the modern fictional narratives of the creature and when you get right down to it the figure of the vampire is shrouded in myth and story telling from the dawn of time. Be they the Vetalas of ancient India or the Middle Eastern legend of Lilitu (from which we derive the non Biblical but archaic rabbinical traditions of Adam’s first wife Lilith) stories of demonic entities that thrive off the life blood of the living are found in every culture across the globe. The encounters with these life draining entities have evolved and their characteristics have developed into the familiar figures that are now in many variations, popular culture icons in our 21st century. And these characteristics are minor but yet quintessential aspects of the beings which we call vampire as we know it in our modern world. Again these are:

The Mesmerized Followers
The classic vampire of literature has a supernatural ability to have their victims become enraptured so they are under the creature’s complete control. They ignore the clear warning signs of danger that surround this relationship and willingly give themselves to their controller.

Unconditional and Controlled Obedience
The mesmerized followers of the vampire give the master complete and unconditional obedience. Every aspect of their existence is focused on the continuing support and nurture of the master. Their innate desire for self preservation is muted by the overwhelming compulsion to obey the master’s every whim.

Violent Fear of the Revelation of their True Nature
The vampire lives a life of a lie. The creature strives to appear normal in the society in which it preys, so it may acquire its victims and blend into the masses. Any threat to this charade is met with quickly and violently.

Ungodly Minions
In addition to the mind controlled followers of the master vampire, the master also has distasteful fellows who follow them around to do the ‘dirty work’. They too are under the complete control of the master but lives on the edge of the community. They are deemed too ‘unclean’ for full integration in the brood but still are necessary for the brood’s existence.

I would posit that modern day broods of psychic vampires litter our world today. They are not pale and wear the neo-goth clothing that many self proclaimed vampires use as a cultural banner. No, these broods live among us and are virtually undetectable. But they still have a psychic master who controls and drains the followers in an unnatural way. Is it supernatural or psychological? In my experience it is both. The psychological issues fuel a spiritual bondage that can produce paranormal events.

Julie was a baby boomer child. Her father did not serve in the war, instead he was one of the fortunate few who had a medical condition that allowed him to escape the draft. All of his friends had gone off to the various fields of battle leaving behind their wives and girlfriend’s alone and vulnerable. This was a dream come true for Julie’s father since he was a notorious lady’s man. The problem came when Julie was born to one of his buddies wives. Not only did it destroy a marriage, it devastated a soldier on the front lines who thereafter volunteered for more and more dangerous missions. Missions that eventually ended his life. And it brought to a screeching halt the flagrant womanizing of Julie’s father. In the small coal mining town in Pennsylvania in which they lived the community might look the other way at wanton fraternizing, but leaving a single mother and neglecting parental responsibility was not just frowned upon it was punished socially…and sometimes with vigilante justice.

So Julie’s father was forced to marry her mother. Julie was stuck in the middle. Her father hated her for imprisoning him to a monogamous marriage and her mother saw her as the child that had killed her true love in Germany. She grew up unloved and both physically and emotionally abused. And it was shortly after her 7th birthday that she became the sexual focus of her degenerate father.

The stress of years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse shattered Julie’s inner being. When she finally moved out at the young age of 16 she did not have eating disorders an OCD or multiple personalities. Her inner battles with loss of control instead changed her. She so ordered her life that she would be in complete control. She would no longer be used, instead she would use others. Her friends, what family she allowed close to her and those she worked with. She would manipulate them with lies followed by emotional pleas and crafty acting. Everyone was but a pawn to attain her goals. When she finally married she chose a milk toast loner who needed to find meaning in his mundane life. Friendless he was attracted to Julie’s otherworldly power over others. He was soon entrapped and became the first mesmerized by her manipulation of truth and reality. It was easier to live the lie of the ‘cult’ of Julie than it was to exist in the harsh world that had buffered and bashed him through his formative teenage years. But in their secret chambers Julie was a harsh mistress, exacting harsh judgment for any minor infraction. And the slight was never forgotten, but only exaggerated over time. But on the surface they seemed a warm and happy couple, charming others at their dinner parties and playing the part of conscientious active community leaders.

Together they had 3 children, all girls. They were taught to obey and guard the truth of the rigid perfectionism that the master demanded of all her followers. When the oldest daughter finally came of age she moved out quickly, not even discussing this with any others of her family.

Julie’s rage was unquenchable. She did all she could to make the lives of her daughter and her new boyfriend living hell. She would make anonymous calls to the boyfriends work and eventually he was fired. She disowned her daughter. And her daughter’s years under the spell of Julie had made its mark in her own psyche. Her bizarre behavior and similar attempts of control forced her boyfriend to have her assessed by a mental health professional. She was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Although they stayed together for a few years, it was a very tough road. Julie ignored them and secretly cursed them until the day that her daughter had conceived.

Julie had a granddaughter.

She was drawn to this baby, not just as a loving Grandmother would to a darling grandchild. She wanted the child under her control. And the daughter was drawn back to the mother as well. Soon the daughter had left the boyfriend to move back home.

On the surface this seems like a simple case of a psychological issue passed on from one generation to another.

That is what I thought when I came to the family on the as requested by one of the members. I was sure that perhaps Julie herself had Borderline Personality Disorder or a similar condition. They are very hard to pinpoint and diagnose for a therapeutic professional let alone a Christian Counselor.

But there was something very odd about the family and their interactions.

With a look the children obeyed Julie when questions became too personal. When talking to the children alone they would try to answer but then nervously look around. Their faces would become ashen and a change would come over them. They would then become a different person, very angry and abusive with their language. The soft quite voices of a shy child became the aggressive accuser of the mother in the adjoining room.

It was if the silent communication and the automatic personality changes were manipulated by the master in a preternatural way.

I had never felt such cold evil like it embodied in an individual before.

It was a cold and calculating intelligence, an intelligence that felt not altogether human.

After a few meetings with the family I knew there was really nothing I could do short of an exorcism. But the family was unwilling to even think about going that route. So I recommended a local counselor and bid them goodbye. I was later told by the counselor that the oldest daughter did go to a few sessions but once they got down to the real issues of the family they never saw her again.

A severely dysfunctional family with severe emotional problems?

Or a familial brood of psychic vampires who thrived on the control of their own and others to meet the need of their life draining id?

I don’t have any evidence of paranormal activity from the incident, but the feelings I had from the family left me very disturbed. You felt there were other eyes watching you, always on you waiting and watching for an opportunity to strike.

The only other times I had felt such intense other worldly malevolence were in demonic deliverance sessions.

Another type of Psychic Vampire? After visiting Julie I could not help but associate what I saw with Jim Jones and his obsessive control of his congregation at The Peoples Temple in the 70s. Or Hitler’s rise to power by manipulation and cult of personality. I also am reminded of David Berg former Christian and Missionary Alliance Minister who through manipulation and lies gathered together his cult ‘The Children of God’ in the 60s. He distorted truth and manipulated his followers to the extent that the church became nothing more than a sex cult that provided its leadership with sexual slaves of all ages.

But then again I am reminded of many other dysfunctional families I have counseled or interacted with over the years. Perhaps the story of Julie reminded you of others that you yourself have met.

Do broods of psychic vampires dwell around the world? In a way I would have to say yes, to one extent or another. They are altogether different than the lone Psychic Vampire who uses the persona to attract willing victims. In these familial broods the victims are not willing, but trapped souls in a state of living death. Unable to change because of fear and self doubt.

Did you meet some of them this past Thanksgiving? Or will you meet them this Christmas? They come to feast on more than Turkey, Ham or Pie.

Unlike other psychic vampires who prefer Halloween, these type prefer the Holidays in which we are in the midst of.

Keep your eyes peeled and your senses keen this holiday season. And if you can, reach out a hand to help those who you meet who walk in the twilight.

Until Next Time,

Pastor Swope

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cryptidsrus said...

Interesting, tragic story, Swope.
I wonder if what was wrong with Julie might not be due to some sort of parasitic, malevolent entity that attached herself to her when she was young. As you well know, psychically shattered personalites are much more vulnerable to "takeover" from paranormal entities than the rest of us. Witness some of the same behavior in with situations where there is Satanic Possesion in families. Hmmm. In all probability an "exorcism," or psychic cleansing was just what this family needed. Sad.

Mojo Mom said...

I actually do know someone like Julie. My sister, Beth. She's five years older then me and has hated me since the day I was born. I "took" from her. Attention, my parents' love, what-have-you. She's never been a part of my adult life, other then a few nasty phone calls and emails. I always thought she was just "off". She's cruel, hateful, spiteful, and vengeful. She has a way about her that draws people in. Sometimes (like with her ex-husband) they get drawn in for years. But always, people who know her know that something is just WRONG. Others, like my dad, are just pawns in her little mind game of "poor Beth" and she has done a great job of damaging my own relationship with my father (but only because HE allowed it)

One of her favorite ways to strike out is to create drama for herself, then blame anyone and everyone who is near. I live over 1,000 miles away and yet she has tried to lure me into this drama circus. Because of her negative lifestyle, I've recently decided that blood relation or not, she has no place in my life and I cut her off completely. I do still talk to my dad, but I can tell that as more time goes by, he wants little to do with me or my family (he's never met my kids).

Thanks for this post. Her behavior hurts, but I refuse to give her anymore power. I just can't wait to see what you have in store for the next story!!

Daniel said...

Pastor Swope,

Thanks for another thought provoking story. I agree with Cryptidsrus about the possibility of some entity having control over her. Perhaps this is a case of "perfect possession" in which the "host" has given complete control to the demonic entity. Since there is no strugle for control between the host and the demon, the host would likely seem totaly normal to the outside world, but probably not to an observer with the Gift of Discernment.

When I watch the news I often wonder how many people out there have "sold their soul to the devil" to get what they desire most.



Anonymous said...

My GOD-This post cuts to the very heart of me. I truly believe I am the child of one of these evil beings. The signs point to every behavior that has caused me to detest my mother & be the only one in the family at times to resist her. I also just left a job where I was forced out by a whole brood of them! Good to know that some of us are actually able to recognize these actions for what they TRULY are.....

Anonymous said...

Getting away from the paranormal explanation, investigate narcissistic personality disorder - it is a personality disorder distinct and separate from BPD. Most victims of NPDs tend to describe them as psychic vampires. One of the most insidious forms is the NPD mother.

Anyone who hasn't born the brunt of a NPD parent or partner may have problems believing just how utterly self-serving they really are. The 'outsider' will often think it is the rest of the family that has a problem - the NPD is very clever at appearing normal, whilst pulling all the emotional strings necessary to make the family's life suit the narcissistic fantasy.

NPD can apparently be triggered by abuse or neglect as a child in susceptible individuals.

The following link has some interesting comments from readers.

From my own experience, the child feels owned and controlled. The mother figure has the ability to switch (for the child) from angel to demon in the blink of an eye, and for no obvious reasons apart from the fact that the child may have displeased in some small way. The child has no purpose but to be a bit-part player in the mother's own personal drama.

It really is a terrible way to grow up...

cynsanity said...

A good article. I just want to point out that neither the Babylonian/Assyrian lilîtu, ardat lilî ("Maiden of the Breeze") or the male lilû were ever mentioned to consume blood, whether human or animal, in cuneiform sources. Even the Sumerian LÍL (read: LIL 2) ghosts were never mentioned to drink blood (the concept of the Sumerian LÍL has a lot in common with the Hebrew ruach).

The first mentions of lilîtu or other entities of that sort who were described as craving/needing/drinking human blood were written down in Syrian and Mandaean incantation bowls, around 700 CE.

Just for clarification.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Swope: Your story was a revelation. Julie's story is so familiar. The family member in question is also an abused female who managed to run off her daughter as soon as she was 18. There is never a moment's peace when this person is around. We all walk on eggshells. Countless holidays have been ruined. If only there was some way to reach these people.

Anonymous said...

No, not a "psychic vampire," only a pastor, who got the chills. There's nothing wrong with that; we often feel the unusual is uncanny. But, it doesn't make so. Unfortunately, the "evil" we may perceive just might keep us from expressing the necessary love a person may need.

Pastor Swope said...

Thanks for the Comment Anonymous,

However you are guilty of the judgment in which you judge me.

If you have read any of my previous articles you would have know that I do not take mental illness lightly, nor do I demonize it.

I am sorry if you or another family member or loved one might have an illness, I hope they are seeking treatment, however there is a point when evil does take over, mental illness or not.

Of course the leeway allowed for those who cannot judge or function in reality is large, but what I describe does not violate the principle.

So I would give you the same advice you give me in a non sarcastic way. Make sure you know what you are talking about before making judgment.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Pastor Swope but I don't see the paranormal in this story, just the dysfunctional. I have at least two family members with what appears to be a mood disorder and ocd. They are miserable to be around as they need everything to be under control or they fly into rages, temper tantrums et.cet. They both have poor self-esteems and were abusive to thier children. Both blame others for the inner turmoil that they are in. Paranormal or just mental illness? Excessive rigidity and obsessive compulsive thinking appears to be on the rise, due in part to fear mongering in the media and some churches and new agers. Best to be focused on the now, teach love , not fear, and skip the guilt tripping people in the name of religion. I know that you don't do this, but many others do. I also think certain toxins in the food and water could have an influence on why so many are showing up with strange behaviours, as many toxins can affect the brain.

ppierce said...

I have a friend for 38yrs who says she is a christian. We both got saved together. She however terroizes everyone around her. Shes been married 4 times and treates her husbands as slaves. All 4 of her kids are seeing pyciatrists. And when she thinks your not noticing she whispers evil things at you like " your ugly" I assure you im not making this up.She doesnt work and plays the victim to the hilt. She also has out bursts of terrible rage and is extreemly vendictive.I heard her call her 12yr old "you little bitch." needless to say every time im around her i feel drained and scuzzy. I really think she may be demonic , but i heard her say the Lord's prayer. What are your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

hello pastor.well i have to say that lilith or lilitu is my psychic leading spirit and i am very happy with her.she never drinks or drains blood or energy from me.and she helps me always even in drastic me she is more like a mother has been.i also have a guiding spirit and his name is cain.and a wolf and a hawk.the wolf shows me where to go or not to go and keeps me on the right pathway,kain helps me growing up spiritually and the hawk brings my prayers to the allmighty spirit.blessed be you all.cerridwen

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