Friday, December 6, 2013

Is the The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office Trying to be Hydra?

The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office launched a new spy satellite Thursday evening on mission NROL-39. The NRO mission is to design, build, launch, and maintain America’s intelligence satellites. The mission is classified, but the rocket also carried the Government Experimental Multi-Satellite (GEMSat) payload, which contained 12 “nanosatellites” that will perform a variety of missions. And with the mission they came up with a logo, seen above. It is very creepy and reminds me of the Marvel Hydra logo. Hydra for those who do not know is according to the Marvel Database:
"Hydra is a world-wide subversive organization dedicated to global domination."

In the Comics Hydra was created by Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker also known as The Red Skull. What does that say about the current state of America?
We need Captain America. But watch out for that Bucky guy, he's as cold  as ice.

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