Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pastor Swope on Beyond the Edge

Tune in to "Beyond the Edge" tomorrow night Sunday December 8th at 8PM for my appearance on this very popular radio show!

Hosted by Cryptozoology expert Eric Altman of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society and Lon Strickler, blogger and paranormal expert at the "Phantoms and Monsters" website.
Eric, Lon and Sean invited me to some on and share what I have been up to.
Tune in here: Beyond the Edge.


Anunnaki Aliens said...

Looking forward to watch it. Hoping to listen some great stories.

docspond said...

I used to work with this pastor Phil Wyman doing this Salem walking tour of the tunnels that were attached to the basement of his church. He seems to be a like minded pastor. He once lost his charter because he worked too close with the pagans in town. He wanted to bridge the faiths. Look him up on Facebook.

Christina said...

Yay we have someone who is a pastor and a paranormal person in Erie! And I thought we were only known for being the s nowiest city in the US. LOL.

horoscope said...

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